Trump Protest: Seattle

The Trump Protest in Seattle was organized and led by the Socialist Alternative group. While not everyone at the protest was a part of this group, all were united by a common sentiment against the Trump Presidency. Many chanted for respect towards POC, the LGBTQ community and the Muslim community, in response to comments Trump made towards them. Many chanted for respect towards women, in response to claims of sexual assault against Trump. Many even called for action against the Democratic party, because they felt their voice was not heard and the wrong candidate was nominated. 

Protestors rallied at Westlake Center, and marched through Downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, and University District. They held signs condemning Trump's remarks, chanted against the Presidential elect and urged other supporters to join. At Westlake Center, several people spoke on why they are angry with Trump, including city councilwoman Kshama Sawant. A second rally is planned for November 13th in the Capitol Hill area at Cal Andersen.

Disclaimer: I attended the protest in order to document a historically unprecedented event after a general Presidential election. This gallery is purely for documentation purposes, to give an eye into one of the many protests happening across the nation. I decline to give my political opinion and my opinion on the protests. 

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